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Transfer Students


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Admissions Process for Transfer Students

To be considered for admission to NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, students must submit the University’s Undergraduate Application for Admission, along with the application fee, official high school transcript or GED scores, an official transcript from each college you have attended, and, if you are an international student, TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic scores and an official copy of any foreign credential with an official English translation. SAT or ACT scores are not required if you have completed at least one year of liberal arts course work at an accredited institution. Transfer students use the same application as freshmen.

Application Deadlines: Students wanting to transfer in the fall semester should submit an application by April 1. Students wanting to transfer in the spring semester should submit an application by November 1.

明升体育-即时比分For more information about admissions, to arrange a campus visit, to be placed on our mailing list, or to submit an application, please visit the .

Transfer Credit

明升体育-即时比分One of your major concerns as a transfer student will be how much credit you will receive for previous course work. We are committed to maximizing the number of credits you can transfer toward your program of study.

At the time of admission, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions awards credit for courses taken at other accredited two- and four-year institutions with grades of C or better that satisfy the requirements for specific liberal arts courses and unrestricted electives in the degree program for which you have applied. In those institutions where a grade of C is the lowest passing grade, then a grade of B will be the lowest grade considered transferable. The faculty director of your program will evaluate any specialization courses that might count toward your major.

明升体育-即时比分You will receive a Statement of Transfer Credit with your offer of admission. A statement marked "tentative" means either that we are missing official transcripts for course work you completed during the application process or that we have asked the faculty director of your program to review specialization courses for possible credit. The program director may contact you for additional information—a course description or course syllabus—before making the decision about awarding credits. The faster you respond to requests for additional information, the sooner you will know how many credits you will transfer.

Articulation Agreements with Other Four Year Institutions

The Steinhardt School has two articulation agreements with Yeshiva University/Stern College for Women. The articulation agreements enable Yeshive University/Stern College for Women students the opportunity to complete the requirements of the baccalaureate program at Yeshiva University/Stern College while also completing selected courses in mathematics or science education or in nutrition and dietetics at the NYU Steinhardt School. Completion of one or more undergraduate courses in these disciplines will meet some of the prerequisites required for master's study or help reduce the number of credits required to complete a master's degree in these fields at NYU or other institutions.  Please contact the Special Student Adviser in the Steinhardt Office of Student Affairs at 212-998-5065 for more details.

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