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NYU Symphony and NYU Chamber Orchestra

Music and Performing Arts Professions Ensembles

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  • All percussion majors should be present at the percussion date and time listed above. All non-major percussionists should contact Sean Statser for an audition.

    • Violin and viola
      • Performance major violins and violas assigned to NYUO¹ should prepare the NYUO¹ packet.
      • Performance major violins and violas assigned to NYUO² AND non-performance majors should prepare the NYUO² packet.
    • Cello, double bass, flute, saxophone, all double reeds, all brass, and all percussion
      • There is only one packet; all performance majors and non-performance majors should prepare this packet.
      • Any excerpts on woodwind auxiliary instruments are not required, but for performance majors, it is highly recommended that you prepare these if you have access to said instrument.
    • Clarinets
      • Performance major clarinets, please consult your program director and administrator as to which packet to prepare.
      • Non-performance major clarinets, please prepare the NYUO² packet.

    明升体育-即时比分An NYU ID is required to view the sheet music.

    Rehearsal Information

    Rehearsals take place in the Global Center for Academic & Spiritual Life, 238 Thompson St., 5th Floor Grand Hall.
    明升体育-即时比分 All members are required to register for the orchestra as a course for 0-3 credits.

    NYU Chamber Orchestra (fall) and NYU Symphony (spring): Mondays, 12:30 PM-3:00 PM & Fridays, 9:30 AM-12:00 PM

    • Graduate students should register for MPAGC-GE 2087.002.
    • Undergraduate students should register for MPAGC-UE 1087.002.

    NYU Symphony (fall): Mondays and Thursdays, 3:30-6:00 PM

    • Graduate students should register for MPAGC-GE 2087.003.
    • Undergraduate students should register for MPAGC-UE 1087.003.

    Contact Information

    All contacts can be reached through
    Professors Stephanie Baer and Jonathan Haas, Co-Directors of NYU Orchestras
    Professor Adam Glaser, Principal Conductor of NYU Orchestras
    Meghan Todt Williams, General Manager of NYU Orchestras
    Kevin Kuh明升体育-即时比分, Operations Manager of NYU Orchestras

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