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Study Abroad Opportunities

Occupational Therapy

We offer a range of study abroad opportunities where students can delve into areas of occupational therapy like disability, sensory processing, and rehabilitation from a global perspective. 

These courses are open to all NYU Steinhardt OT students with adviser approval. Graduate students from other departments are welcome to enroll with permission from the course instructor.

January 2020

UK: Comparative Perspectives on Autism and Well-Being

This course examines literature and research findings for evidence that supports the treatment of children and youth with autism in a variety of settings.

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Israel: Developing Assistive Technology

明升体育-即时比分 This multidisciplinary course uses Tel Aviv as a site for students from a variety of backgrounds to work together to learn about and develop assistive technology, as well as cultivate a better understanding of the people being served.

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Summer 2020

China: Disability in a Global Context

明升体育-即时比分 This course explores the implications of disability in global contexts with varying levels of industrialization. It examines how local public and private sectors, including schools, hospitals, markets, or transportation systems, affect the lives of people with disabilities in Shanghai, China.

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Additional information about application deadlines and tuition can be found on the Steinhardt Global Affairs website.

OT Study Abroad Stories

Global Perspectives: OT Students Study Rehab in Israel

Associate Professors Yael Goverover and Gerry Voelbel traveled to Israel with students to participate in a course entitled “Disability in a Global Context.”

OT Students Study Autism in London

We spoke with Francine Cacciola (MS '19) about her experience studying abroad in the United Kingdom.

Studying in Shanghai: A Q&A with Joy Sarraf

Students explored and identified factors, including cultural factors and health beliefs, which may influence a community’s view of disability.

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