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 and campuses, focusing on a specific theme each year. Program themes will range from academic subject-specific themes (e.g. STEM education, special education, literacy, art, music) to broader topics such as bilingual education, diversity, and inclusion.

This program is intended to broaden full-time classroom teachers' horizons and inspire them with ideas for classroom innovation through an international experience centered on a specific academic subject or theme. Upon return, Fellows promote innovation and quality instruction in New York City classrooms through an annual fall symposium attended by the NYU community, teacher colleagues, and the general public, and through ongoing events as part of the Astor Fellows Alumni Network. Fellows do not receive NYU course credit or continuing education credit. 


Questions? Contact or call 212-992-9380.


In order to be eligible to apply for this opportunity, you must:

  • Be a current, full-time classroom teacher in a New York City Public School
  • Have completed three years or more of full-time teaching in a New York City public school as of September 2019.

Please note: This opportunity is intended to build a community of best practices for full-time classroom teachers. School staff other than full-time classroom teachers (i.e. substitute teachers, administrators, counselors, principals, etc.) are not eligible to apply. 

Astor Fellows 2020 Theme

Location: Berlin, Germany

Theme: The Power of Stories: Contemporary Art, Identity, and Race


  • Depart NYC: July 5, 2020
  • Dates in Berlin: July 6 - 13, 2020
  • Return: July 14, 2020

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Previous Themes

2019: Engaging Local Languages and Knowledge in Schools

Location: Accra, Ghana
Faculty: Shondel Nero, Professor of Language Education
Program Dates: July 8-19, 2019

2018: Global Music Education

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Faculty: S. Alex Ruthmann, Associate Professor of Music Education and Music Technology
Program Dates: July 2-13, 2018

2017: The Hyper-Diverse Classroom

Location: London, United Kingdom
Faculty: Dr. Fabienne Doucet, PhD, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
Program Dates: 明升体育-即时比分July 5-15, 2017

2016: Arts Education Down Under

Location: Sydney, Australia
Faculty: Dr. Philip Taylor, PhD, Associate Professor of Educational Theatre
Program Dates:明升体育-即时比分 July 22 - August 3, 2016

2015: Special Education Beyond Borders

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Faculty: Dr. Mark Alter, PhD, Professor of Educational Psychology
Program Dates: July 6 - 16, 2015

2014: Science Education Beyond Borders

Location: Shanghai, China
Faculty: Dr. Pamela Fraser-Abder, PhD, Professor of Science Education
Program Dates:明升体育-即时比分 July 26 - August 5, 2014

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