What Does Purim Have to Do With the Torah?

We as a whole realize that Purim is the occasion that the Jewish country was saved from Haman’s insidious pronouncement of destruction. This is a Rabbinical occasion as it occurred millennia after the giving of the Torah. What we may not know is the solid association between this magnificent occasion and the Torah.
Purim is a festival of the Torah on the grounds that the Jews, in the wake of seeing the incredible marvels that were accomplished for them, apologized from their transgressions and reaffirmed their obligation to the Torah. Truth be told, our sages instruct us that there was really another tolerant of the Torah (kabbalat ha-Torah.) Just like the Jews Torah that remained at Mount Sinai acknowledged upon themselves and all people in the future the burden of Torah, so as well, the Jews in the hours of Mordechai and Esther acknowledged upon themselves and every group of people yet to come, the burden of Torah. There was a principal distinction, nonetheless, between the multiple times. By Har Sinai, the Jews were kind of compelled to acknowledge the Torah. Hashem had held a mountain over their heads and cautioned them that on the off chance that they neglected to acknowledge the Torah, they would be covered alive under the mountain emuna. Presently while the Jews would have acknowledged the Torah, without this compulsion, as is demonstrated by their statement of na’aseh v’nishma (we will do and we will hear), still that kabbalat Ha-Torah, was viewed as done from dread. In the hours of the Purim story, the Jews again acknowledged the Torah, yet this time simply out of adoration for Hashem and His sacred Torah.

Another association with the Torah, is the stanza in the Megillah, that states, “la yehudim hiyta orah” and for the Jews there was light. Our sages instruct (Meg 16b) that “orah” light alludes to Torah. This instructs us that exclusively after the malevolent pronouncement was thwarted and Haman was hanged were the Jews ready to restart learning Torah, as it had been restricted by the insidious Haman. Haman understood that Heavenly benevolence was reliant on the Jews investigation of the Torah. Indeed, while the Jews were fasting and asking before the tables were turned, Mordechai was profoundly submerged in instructing Torah to little youngsters, realizing beyond any doubt that just through the value of Torah study could the Jewish country be saved.

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